Changing Your Focus

Hello beautiful people! Man has it has been awhile, and what a crazy month its been! There has been so much change in my life in such a short amount of time. Where do I even begin?

Everything in my life seems to be aligning lately, so much so that it feels like God’s divine timing. Maybe it is? Maybe I just needed to get here. To this point in time, to this mindset, to this vibration.

On June 15th I became a veteran. After eight years of service I finally allowed myself to let go of this path I chose back in 2012, when I started my journey with the Marines. I finally let myself be okay with the fact that, while its been a journey worth taking, it was time to choose a different path.

Almost simultaneously, as I was searching Instagram, trying to find a way to monetize an online business that included content writing and social media, I found myself on the Instagram page of this beautiful human named Jess (who I’ve since learned is also beautiful on the inside and a person worth looking up to and emulating). I filled out an application to work with her and discovered Monat, the vegan hair and skin care line that’s allowing me to work from home, make a full time income, has given me the community of women in my life I feel like I’ve been missing out on, and is allowing me to transform people’s lives.

(It has also transformed my hair and skin! Which is a nice bonus.)

My husband and I also have an official due date for our daughter! We will be welcoming our little girl, Freya Sophia, into the world around July 8th, which is when I’m scheduled to have induced labor. We’ve been spending the last few weeks shopping for baby, finishing her nursery, and cleaning and unpacking our home.

I feel like I barely have time to do everything! But there’s a big part of me that prefers it that way.

Part of working with Monat is free training! Which is amazing. Not only does their back office for Market Partners have a market partner academy, but the up lines and mentors of the team that I am a part of, (She Works Hard For the Monat/Miami Roots), do training videos with us twice a week to help us all succeed together. My mentor said something during one of these training’s that had such an impact on me that I wanted to share it here with my readers.

“Focus on actions, not end results.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You should have big end goals, obviously, but you break that down into smaller goals and then focus on those.

This is a concept I struggle with – which I believe is why I often find myself so overwhelmed. Even when it comes to cleaning my house. (I have to clean the whole house? I’ll start after an hour of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Three hours later, guess where my butt still is?)

I can’t think that way with this new career path I’ve embarked on. Success in this business requires the discipline to show up every day, whether I have thirty minutes to show up or an full eight to ten hours. Persistence is everything in what I do. I also can’t think that way with a baby on then way. Babies require a lot of attention, but if that baby is the only thing I ever focus on then my entire family will suffer. Not to mention I will be a less happy and fulfilled version of myself. So what’s the solution, when life feels like a marathon and you don’t know which way to look first?

Actions. Goals. Small steps that will ultimately create the bridge to your big goal.

It looks something like this:

Big goal: clean entire house
Actionable step: set aside 30 minutes to an hour to clean every day.

Big goal: be eligible to join my team in Jamaica by November of this year
Actionable step: reach out to 30+ people every day

The big goals feel overwhelming, and when you don’t see immediate results, you get discouraged.

But when I hit that thirty people a day or I get the laundry put away, I feel like I accomplished something, and I have the energy and drive to get up the next day and do it again.

Make your big goals, but remember there are a lot of steps on the journey to accomplishing the big goals, and celebrating those are what keep you motivated to make it all the way.

Thanks for reading!


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