Who Am I?


Hello beautiful!

My name is Alexandra, but everyone just calls me Lexie.

I am 29-years-old.

I am a wife to Casey and soon to be mama to Freya♥

I’m a blogger who writes about a variety of topics related to self-love, personal growth, mental health, beauty, and life.

I’m also a Market Partner for one of the fastest-growing beauty companies in the United States.

I help men and women achieve the best hair and skin of their life.

I also help men and women make a full-time income from WiFi.

Comments? Questions? Want to learn how you can achieve the best hair and skin of your life or make a full-time income from Wifi?

Or is there a topic you’d like to read about in my blog?

Contact me at alexandraevans@alexandraevanswrites.com
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Have a beautiful and blessed day!!!